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You really do.

2010-08-22 00:14:52 by sven647

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The Strokes

2010-07-15 23:24:25 by sven647

Are cool

The Strokes

Draw your character my style.

2010-02-22 21:43:02 by sven647

Give my character a go! Heres the Thread

So i

2009-12-23 23:28:12 by sven647

Just saw the movie Avatar

Kinda weird it had an alien sex scene!


2009-10-21 01:13:06 by sven647

Its been to long since we took the time, but we all know how time flys so quickly

School has started again

2009-09-12 03:01:36 by sven647

I just finished my second week

fuck im tired



2009-05-08 22:07:24 by sven647

Im here to kick ass and chew bubblegum and im all out of fucking bubblegum

Best movie quote ever

They Live.

Creative blocks

2008-11-08 04:05:54 by sven647

I get this with drawing all the time and if i dont draw for like a month i might cough up 3 or 4 good drawings then nothing does anyone get this as much as i do?


2008-10-29 00:54:17 by sven647

I looked up dictionary in the dictionary and it said You're an asshole.